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The book Open the door

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He is also known as “the man with the golden hands” and has worked as a locksmith since 1986. He worked for fitting and installation companies with security locks, safety doors, and mainly for locksmiths. In addition to working, he furthered his education and completed three Master craftsman certificates (master locksmith, master smith, and master mechanic). With his education, he opened his own locksmith company in 1990. During this time, he unlocked everything that can possibly be locked. Everything from A to Z, Cash boxes, coin machines, old cars, new cars, safes, and closets, but above all apartments and houses. Whisker locks to magnet locks. He researched steadfastly, in order to improve and expand his knowledge of locks and improved and invented the many tools used by locksmiths. He also deals with technical criminal investigations of locks. Meanwhile he is the leading specialist in the technical aspects of locks and security systems. For many years, he wrote down descriptions and has now published them in various books.
Michael Bübl writes columns and short essays for various magazines and publications.